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I Moved, Y’all

So a lot has happen over the last couple of months leading to an amalgamation of excitement, joy, depression, and an assortment of other emotions. I no longer live in Louisiana! My partner, Fred, got an awesome job at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and I moved up with him to Cape Cod in early July.… Continue reading I Moved, Y’all

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On Being an Ally

I’ve been struggling lately with how to be a successful ally. I feel an enormous amount of guilt stemming from my own privilege as a white woman partnered with my own ineptitude when it comes to discussing race with other white women. Which isn’t a cry for pity, just a confession. I cringe to say that,… Continue reading On Being an Ally

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Standing in Solidarity

As discussed previously, there was a showing of Solidarity with the Muslim community in Baton Rouge this past Friday, the 3rd. It was a pretty decent turnout and I was proud to see a number of white faces. We still have a long road ahead of us in terms of standing with our minority communities,… Continue reading Standing in Solidarity

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We Need to Fucking Show Up

The Women’s March on Washington was a success without parallel. Millions of women across not just our own country but the entire world banded together in a massive showing against patriarchal tyranny. We peacefully demonstrated that we would not sit quietly in our kitchens while the nation burned. We chanted that our rights were sacred,… Continue reading We Need to Fucking Show Up