My name is Heather and I am a woman. I am a straight, white, angry, atheist, liberal, feminist (let’s get all the easy labels out-of-the-way) who enjoys vintage cat brooches, attempting to create things that sort of resemble art, and staying in with a book. I can’t stand beets, love kombucha, and am indifferent to, but will eat if it’s in front of me, popcorn.

I’ve been noticing a distaste (alright, out right loathing) of the term feminist among both men and women lately. I grew up in the extremely liberal world of the theatre and then got a Master’s degree in Anthropology, so I feel like I was sheltered to some extent from this pretty insane hate for gender equality. Thank you Reddit community for opening my eyes to how bat shit things really are.

So as we work towards the slow death of the patriarchy I wanted a place to share my experiences of being a woman and what that word means to me. I don’t really expect to change the minds of any misogynist, and perhaps this is more of a therapeutic exercise more than anything, but maybe I can add to the cacophony of voices that are rising out of this toxic political environment in which we find ourselves mired yelling that enough is enough.


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