This is It

I suppose now is the time we will see if our system of government truly works or whether we have dug ourselves into the beginnings of a dictatorship. As the evidence of treason stacks up against our crook in chief, those in our populace who support him continue to bury their heads deeper and deeper into the sand and I hope they choke on it.

I wonder at these people who are so unable to admit they’re wrong. Are they embarrassed by their own blindness? Are they really so ready to ride this horse off of a cliff in an attempt to save face? I am long past the point of sympathy for the vast majority of these people. I’m not speaking about the coal miners clinging desperately to the lies fed to them or those in the rust belt who feel their way of life slipping through the cracks. Liberals should have addressed their issues in an aggressive manner, but we didn’t. That failure is on us. Still my pity for them is patronizing and exasperated, and I feel anger at their inability to see past the pandering Trump facade and their acceptance of his racism and misogyny as a necessary evil.

But still there are those who voted for Trump out of spite for Hillary Clinton, who ignore the Trump administrations blatant treasonous acts while at the same time still decry Clinton over a minor email fiasco. At least hold your own candidate to the same standards you held your opponent. Without fail, the argument often thrown back in the faces of liberals is “Well you didn’t complain when Obama did such and such” as if the failings of one president justifies the failings of another, missing any nuance that may explain how the two situations aren’t the same.

I’m trying to comprehend what makes “political correctness” the enemy. Are they scared that there is manipulation hidden behind the attempt to consider the feelings of other human beings? I see a group terrified that they won’t be able to share their racist/sexist jokes any more without fear of retribution, without society calling them out on their bullshit. Oh my goodness, how dare people start caring about minorities! How dare minorities have a voice or an opinion are demand a modicum of respect! And yet somehow I’m the “snowflake” when I correctly label the Alt-Right as white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. Hey, if we’re calling a spade a spade, let’s fucking call a spade a spade.

Well guess what, asking the Director of the FBI to stop an investigation isn’t rejecting political correctness, it’s committing a crime. It’s obstructing justice, something we all seem so goddamn fanatical about when it fits into our world view. We won’t bat an eye when a court locks up a black man for thirty years for possession of marijuana, but a white business man who probably betrayed the entire country, well obviously it’s the fake liberal media spinning the story.

We as a people entrusted Trump with our most hallowed office and he has shit on it. He has demonstrated that he doesn’t give a damn for democracy and that the only life he’s working towards improving is his own. He has mercilessly duped his constituency and is laughing all the way to the cliff he’s about to throw himself off of. Because I really do think he’s a moron who has no idea that the end may be nigh, stifled only by the slightly more cunning and sly staff he surrounds himself with.

If this investigation is swept under the rug, if Comey is silenced, then our government will have failed us in a tremendous way. If the Republican party refuses to fight treason then they have shown themselves to be accomplices in this grotesque farce. If the American people refuse to see their tragic failure to elect a competent leader, we are doomed to run in ever tightening circles.

This is not just about combating racism or sexism any more. This is about protecting the very fabric of our republic. If we accept a criminal as our leader and condone his erratic and dangerous behavior as eccentricities we are lost. This is far from normal and we should be scared.


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