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Congress: or Poor Sick People Should Go on and Die Already

Conservatives, I’m done. I’m done parsing words. I’m done being polite and trying to be empathetic to your way of narrow thinking. Call me hysterical. Call me a dumb bleeding heart liberal. Whisper that it must be that time of the month. Use all your bitter words because I’m ready to spit them right back into your face. Honestly, I’ve tried to look at your policies and tried to understand how you could believe that they might ultimately help the people of the United States, but you know what, the only thing you care about is power and your personal bottom line. The time of the nice liberal is over. Let’s fucking go low.

The truth is you can work your ass off in this country and still never move up the socioeconomic ladder. The American Dream is a myth being perpetuated to keep the peons in check while the powerful horde our wealth like capitalistic dragons. And how we buy into it, that glorious dream of one day being  the 1%, growing our own pool of gold coins to swim laps in. Never mind the fact that any idea you may have that could propel you into that ethereal life will be stolen from you by those already in that position. Widespread poverty exists not because of some innate gene for being lazy, not because the welfare queen is any more than a Reagan invention as fantastic as a unicorn, but because it would not serve the 1% to have us rise. Education would be the conservative’s downfall and they will keep it from us at all costs.

And now we don’t even have agency over our health. They have said loud and clear with today’s repeal that some lives matter more than others. You have deemed people worthy of flipping your burgers, of picking the fruit from your fields, but not worthy of life. People will die because of this legislation. People will live in pain and agony. They are literally death in a suit.

And are they even approaching this with some level of gravity, with just some tiny acknowledgment that it may not pan out the way they hallucinate it will? No. they’re going to throw a kegger. This legislation is spite. This isn’t about insuring the most people for them, giving help to those in need, or they wouldn’t pass something that takes insurance away from 24 million people. It’s about making sure the “others” don’t win. It’s about stripping President Obama of his legacy.

So while older American’s and those with preexisting conditions (including rape because fuck women) see their premiums shoot up, don’t worry, those making over $200,000 will have a nice tax cut. Women might now be able to afford their birth control or have safe access to abortion, but the conservatives are going to step up and start adopting unwanted children, right?

This is not alright. Now is the time for single-payer healthcare movement. Healthcare should not be a privilege ,it is a basic human right. Pretty much every developed country in the world understands and respects that. They don’t go “Oh, you’ve got cancer, sorry about that. We’ve got a paupers field we can bury you in though since your family won’t be able to afford anything else after your medical bills come due”.

Let’s get out of this backwards, ‘Merican mentality that everyone needs to be self-sufficient. Not everyone has the ability to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. A baby with a heart condition has no control to whom they are born. You don’t get to call yourself “pro-life” if that doesn’t extend to those born.

We are desperate sheep who see our world changing and eat up any semblance of hope fed to us. They are lying. Just wake up and see that we have been duped. If we are going to survive, we need to take care of each other. We need to stand up to the corporations that currently wear the mantel of power in our country. This means running for office, voting, protesting, and unionizing. We do not have to let the few dictate the future of the many. We do not have to put up with this. Let’s resist!



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