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Old White Guys Make Decisions on Women’s Health: Or, What’s New?

One of the topics being discussed within the halls of the White House today in regards to the steaming pile of waste that is Trump Care was whether or not maternity care and mammograms are “essential” medical care and should be covered by all insurance policies. The first moment of “are you fucking kidding me” comes from realizing that these things are up for debate. If having babies and screening for cancer aren’t considered essential, what the hell is?

But the second and most poignant “are you fucking kidding” moment hits you when you see the pictures from the cabinet meeting.

One. Fucking. Woman. One woman, who looks to be Kellyanne Conway, in a meeting to decide what is essential for the health of a woman. Once again the government is jamming itself between me and my physician.

Conservatives more often than not jump to the conclusion that I am talking about abortion when I complain that this administration is stripping away the agency I possess over my own body, but one look at these two pictures and the reality becomes crystal clear. Let’s say I get pregnant and choose to have the baby. This room full of old white men are who decides whether or not my insurance is going to cover that birth. Two aunts in my family have had breast cancer. Do I not have to wait until cancer is raging inside myself before I can get checked and treated because these men deemed cancer screening unessential?

It’s obvious what “Great America” Trump wants to drag us back to: any time before the 1960’s when women let their husbands make their decisions and people of color were squirreled away out of sight. We need to be done tip-toeing around the misogyny running rampant in government now, and face it head on. When someone says sexism is over, show them these pictures and ask them how they account for this meeting. Women make up half of our population so how are we consistently under represented in every capacity? How are we not included in discussions that directly impact our well being?

We are still fighting. We’re never going to be able to stop fighting because the second we do we slip backwards. They don’t want us to rise up. They buy into the myth that giving us equal rights and opportunities will take away theirs. And why shouldn’t they think that when the only situation they’ve ever known is one group oppressing another? Better to be the oppressor than the oppressed. It’s what capitalism is built on and why socialism is a dirty word in our country.

They have no respect for women and I have zero respect for them. If I saw Trump walking down the street I would spit on him because I am done being their definition of lady-like. I am done being polite and courteous, smiling when they make me uncomfortable, excusing their behavior with a nervous laugh. I will not let them trample me.

I used to say I would do my utmost never to hate someone, that hate was far too strong a word and that I should always try and be at least empathetic. Everyone has their own hardships. Everyone is traveling their own road and we can never know what someone else is going through. Looking at those two pictures I say fuck that. These men don’t give to shits about me and they can all go to hell.



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