Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women: One

I’ve decided to take a page out of Breitbart’s own book and start posting weekly stories targeting a specific type of criminal I have particular disdain for. Every week I will post about various men who have murdered, assaulted, or raped women close to them in the last week or so. I don’t fear undocumented immigrants. I don’t fear those who follow Islam. I fear men, plain and simple, and, unlike yours, my fear is completely valid.

The pattern of murder/suicide linked below indicates crimes of passion. These men felt that they owned their victims and stripped them of their agency in the most primal and permanent way possible. I hope in this series to reveal how much of an normalized epidemic violence against women is. We fully embrace the ethereal and statistically insignificant threat of dark skinned terrorists, but when it comes to the very real terrorizing of women we shrug it off as the unfortunate byproduct of men being men.

Man Kills Himself and Twin Daughters

On March 10th, this man decided to murder his twin 16 year-old daughters, shoot his wife in both leg’s (telling her to “live and suffer like” he did), and then kill himself.

Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend and Her Brother

On March 11th, a man got into an altercation with his ex-girlfriend’s brother and was detained by police. After being released, he returned to the same house and proceeded to shoot the brother, the ex, and then himself.

Cop Kills Wife and Then Himself

On March 11th, a cop killed his wife and then himself. They were in the process of being divorced.

78-Year Old Man Kills his Wife and Shoots Himself

On March 12th and man was found to have killed his wife and shot himself. The man survived as is currently in critical condition.


It’s difficult to look at these murders and not see them as crimes of passion. I hate that saying, “crimes of passion”, like we have to qualify the murders in some way. Like they’re understandable because a broken heart is somehow an alright reason to kill someone. Even the way the articles are written, you vaguely wonder what these women did to deserve this. We think “Oh, she must have slept around on the guy. She must have been unfaithful or drawn out the divorce or whatever.” But the answer is she did nothing to deserve this. We are victim blaming because we are programmed by society to find fault in the actions of women and excuse those of men.

Men will be held accountable for their actions. They will not be dismissed as having acted according to their nature. Our lives are our own and we will not have our power taken away freely.


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