Happy International Women’s Day!

I’ve been struggling all day to decide on what to write today. How do you celebrate women in one little blog post? Do you focus on particular women? Do you run the risk of homogenizing women as a group and discuss our gender at large? I could be a real downer and write about the myriad of comments I’ve read today by men and women condemning International Women’s Day (usually because they conflate it with the Woman’s Strike).

Instead, I want to keep this short.

I want women to celebrate each other. I want us to buck the catty stereotype and hold each other up. We’ve been torn down so much, let’s push the naysayers to the back and take a moment to enjoy our day. If you want to strike, strike. If you want to read, read. But take a moment to remember that we are stronger together. Take a moment to remember the women who have gone before us who made the world just a little brighter by their actions. Blood, sweat and tears have gotten us this far, let’s not slip backwards.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone.

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