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OMG, You Guys, Healthcare is Complex! Who Knew?!

In a shocking twist it was revealed today that healthcare is actually “unbelievably complex”. Who would have thought that an industry which employs thousands of people just to figure out how how to categorize various diagnoses and treatments on a bill would turn out to be so complicated? Oh, just everyone except our 45th president.

That’s right people, today Donald Trump was forced to admit his ignorance when it comes to health care for our nation’s citizens, or rather he admitted the ignorance of everyone else with his usual sneer. I mean how was he supposed to know when clearly nobody else knew? Except everyone else was well aware of the tangled spiderweb and hot mess that is the healthcare system and Trump’s head was buried in a pit of his own narcissism and lies, per usual.

Well, maybe some Trump sheeple didn’t realize it. According to some people in the comment section of a Facebook post my cousin wrote healthcare didn’t get complicated until our government got its hands on it. Really? How contorted does your reality need to be to ignore the pre-ACA healthcare chaos? I mean, maybe things got a little more crazy with the addition of regulations such as not charging women more simply because they are women, and not allowing them to deny coverage due to preexisting conditions. I mean, how dare you, Obama!

Healthcare seems to have been pushed to the back burner for the last couple of weeks, eclipsed by the myriad of other snafu’s and dangerous ideologies pushed forward by the conservative party. Perhaps congress is beginning to pay attention to the polls and have realized their chances in the mid-terms have the potential to drop significantly if they repeal and not replace. I find it hard to believe their switch from constantly forcing a repealing vote during the Obama administration to dragging their feet now is due to anything resembling concern for the people of the United States.

The only acceptable replacement for the Affordable Care Act would be single-payer healthcare. In fact, this is the only path we should be taking. Let’s actually insure everyone! It’s absurd healthcare isn’t considered a human right in the United States. We can afford throw away an additional $53 billion on the military, a segment of our government rife with waste and misspending, but we can’t give our citizens affordable access to a doctor? We can build a ridiculous wall that serves no practical purpose, but we’re perfectly okay with people dying from treatable diseases?

Our belief in individualism at all costs is literally killing people. If you think a single mother working a minimum wage job isn’t working her ass off, you’ve never met one. To say that because her job is to flip burgers she is any less deserving of her health than the CEO of the restaurant is classist and down right cruel. We all need to pay our fair share so that we can reap the benefits of a society that takes care of its people. That mother’s ability to take her daughter to the doctor is infinitely more important than the CEO being able to by a third home.

I am not anti-rich. I am against the rich making their wealth off the backs of poverty stricken employees. Did you know that the majority of people on food stamps work? Universal healthcare would make certain that the greed of a few does not win out over the interest of our society. If we really want to preserve individualism and give people a chance to succeed, the very least we need to do is provide healthcare.


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