Censorship and the Trump Administration

Yesterday a new step was taken to gag the mainstream media. During an informal briefing Friday, news sources such as The New York Times, CNN, and the BBC were barred from attending. But don’t worry, outlets such as Breitbart “women on birth control are ugly and bananas” News, and Fox were allowed behind the closed doors. Ah, censorship. Thin skinned Spicer needed a break from all those hateful, grumpy journalists doing their job. And I thought I was supposed to be the one with the delicate disposition.


    A photograph of Sean Spicer prior to the briefing on Friday.

Are we really about to sit back and be complacent when our best bet for non biased news sources are literally getting booted from the front lines? Trump has been at war with the media from the very beginning and his duped supporters are eating it all up. It’s so easy to fall into this dastardly trap he and his sycophant cronies have set. Apparently if you say anything with enough condescending snark people will buy it in droves.

The other day in my Dialogue on Race it was brought up that we need to love the other side, to listen and try to understand both angles of the argument and proceed from there. How is that working out? Are we actually getting anywhere with Trump supporters via this method? I’m so very tired of trying to have meaningful discussions only to be met with derision. I’m tired of presenting facts, only to have them ignored. I’m a feminist. Being mainsplained to just comes with the territory, but really this is all just super trying. In short, I feel for the media right now.

Look at the nonsense conservatives post on their Facebook walls. Click bait titles and articles that can be disproved with a five minute search on Google. But these people have deluded themselves into thinking that these sources are in fact the good guys, fighting the good fight against the big, bad, politically correct media. This is the level of willful ignorance we are up against. These people aren’t stupid, they’re just lazy in their research, or simply don’t understand the concept of research. I have compassion for that but only so much. I can be empathetic towards stupidity, but it gets really hard when that stupidity could be so easily corrected.

Our burden to bear is the grey area. Trump, and conservatives in general, have dichotomy on their side. They say there are people who are lazy and people who are industrious. They say there are two genders, male and female, and that’s it. No matter how much we may know differently, no matter how many mothers are on food stamps despite working full-time, no matter how many non-western cultures recognize more than two genders, it is infinitely easier to believe in dichotomy.

How do we get through? How do we combat citizens lazy in their gathering of knowledge? I think a good step is supporting our media. As soon as I read about this ban I subscribed to the New York Times. This decision was two-fold. On one hand I wanted to show my support via my pocket book. On the other, I am determined to become an even more well informed citizen and to practice what I preach with zeal. We must keep pushing back. For every fake article you see pop up on your feed, counter it with a legitimate article. Read. Read. Read. Go to town halls. Ask questions. Hold your representatives accountable and call them out when they lie.

There is a war on our media and we will resist.



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