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OMG, You Guys, Healthcare is Complex! Who Knew?!

In a shocking twist it was revealed today that healthcare is actually “unbelievably complex”. Who would have thought that an industry which employs thousands of people just to figure out how how to categorize various diagnoses and treatments on a bill would turn out to be so complicated? Oh, just everyone except our 45th president. That’s right people,… Continue reading OMG, You Guys, Healthcare is Complex! Who Knew?!


Your Feminism that Does Not Include Trans-Rights is NOT Feminism

This morning, as I scrolled through Facebook, sipping on my daily cup of bitter coffee, I was shocked and dismayed to stumble upon a post on a popular Feminist page filled with anti-trans comments. I suppose I always new in the back of my mind there was a subset of feminists who were against transgender rights,… Continue reading Your Feminism that Does Not Include Trans-Rights is NOT Feminism


Censorship and the Trump Administration

Yesterday a new step was taken to gag the mainstream media. During an informal briefing Friday, news sources such as The New York Times, CNN, and the BBC were barred from attending. But don’t worry, outlets such as Breitbart “women on birth control are ugly and bananas” News, and Fox were allowed behind the closed doors.… Continue reading Censorship and the Trump Administration

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On Being an Ally

I’ve been struggling lately with how to be a successful ally. I feel an enormous amount of guilt stemming from my own privilege as a white woman partnered with my own ineptitude when it comes to discussing race with other white women. Which isn’t a cry for pity, just a confession. I cringe to say that,… Continue reading On Being an Ally

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I Am Not a Host

It’s official, the conservative white males have stopped beating around the bush. I mean, this has gone on for a while, it’s harbinger: the war on political correctness. But it is here in full anti-woman force. How else can you explain Justin Humphrey’s abhorrent comments? “I understand that they feel like that is their body.… Continue reading I Am Not a Host

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Standing in Solidarity

As discussed previously, there was a showing of Solidarity with the Muslim community in Baton Rouge this past Friday, the 3rd. It was a pretty decent turnout and I was proud to see a number of white faces. We still have a long road ahead of us in terms of standing with our minority communities,… Continue reading Standing in Solidarity