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We Need to Fucking Show Up

The Women’s March on Washington was a success without parallel. Millions of women across not just our own country but the entire world banded together in a massive showing against patriarchal tyranny. We peacefully demonstrated that we would not sit quietly in our kitchens while the nation burned. We chanted that our rights were sacred,… Continue reading We Need to Fucking Show Up

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The People of the March

Driving down to New Orleans this past Saturday I kept stealing anxious glances at the iron colored sky out my windshield. Torrential rain had been in the forecast since I had started obsessively checking it ten days prior. Rain or shine I was going to march but my fingers were crossed that I’d be able… Continue reading The People of the March


Why I am a Liberal

As we head into the abyss we need to address what we’re fighting for. What are our beliefs? What are our morals and guiding principles? Everyone needs an ethical compass┬áto live by. I’ve called myself a liberal for as long as I can remember and it has always seemed clear┬áto me why I’ve embraced that… Continue reading Why I am a Liberal